Couched  Vinegar Contemporary 2021

Uncomfortable with decoration being excluded as a medium of power,
I employ floral pattern in an assertive way to rewrite modernism’s hierarchy

I am an unsatisfied accomplice.

I stitch and construct to share the stories of my foremothers and myself. Working between ceramics and fiber I generate objects almost suited for domestic space: a quilt that provides no warmth, a pillow that doesn’t comfort. I borrow and digest textiles, wallpaper, gardens and women’s bodies to develop my own alphabet of repetitive marks. Through a personal and political lens I participate in a dialogue with art, craft, and feminism. I advocate for decoration as a medium of power.


Upcoming: Roy Presents July Emerging Artists

Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus OH July 9-August 7, 2021


Solo Exhibition
Vinegar Contemporary, Birmingham AL, June 4-July 17, 2021 


Partner Exhibition with Loraine Lynn Hopkins Hall Gallery, Urban Arts Space Summer Series, Columbus OH May 21- June 6, 2021

Dream Skills

Cofounder Exhibition
Dream Clinic Project Space, Columbus OH April 23- May 7, 2021


Curated by Whitney LaMora
Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL April 15- May 16, 2021

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