Couched is an exhibition featuring the sculptural work of Britny Wainwright. Fascinated with domestic objects and material mis-performance, the artist combines vinyl and ceramic to support, protect, bulge, and defamiliarize objects. Terra-cotta hangers support vinyl pouches of delicate ceramic leaves derived from plants and women’s bodies. Like most vegetal ornament in decorative art history, the themes of sexuality and abundance are read between the lines, or in this case, between the leaves.

Wainwright’s interest in the couch, the “ugly” couch in particular, is also present in this exhibition. Often encased in a clear plastic slipcover to shield them from the humans that sit upon them, these “ugly” couches live a strange life between idyllic landscape, lush garden, and our popcorn dust. The motifs that dot the surface of our beloved couches often go overlooked, and Wainwright is on a mission to make us look again. Couched will feature an interactive couch that invites viewers to settle and feel the way their body sinks and sags the encasement.  

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