Post Bloom Prune

September 2023
Farmer Family Gallery
Ohio State University Lima Campus
Post Bloom Prune is an exhibition by Britny Wainwright that features sculptural works that pair terra-cotta vessels and textile cushions. Each piece dwells on observations of daily flora; the tender rise and lush decay of blossoms, the garden, and the domestic landscape of the vase. This exhibition reflects on the endurance and end of a long summer.

The combination of terra-cotta vessels and stitched cushions speaks of the body; the garments we wrap ourselves in and the pillows we rest our heads on. Textile intersects ceramic form hugging and lidding the openness of the vessel. A nod to the gendered history of flower painting, often relegated to women, these objects flatten and become still lifes. These works continue an investigation of domestic space, feminism, and material culture.

The title, Post Bloom Prune, refers to when flowers are “dead headed” or snipped off. The end of a long growing season is marked with decay, a removal of beauty. These works consider the marking of time associated with blooms and the shifts in our lived environment.

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