Uncomfortable with decoration being excluded as a medium of power,

I employ floral pattern in an assertive way to rewrite modernism’s hierarchy.

I am an unsatisfied accomplice.

I use repetitive pattern in search of fullness and satisfaction. I borrow and digest floral prints from: gardens, textiles, wallpaper, and women’s bodies, to develop my own marks that engage with issues around gender. I advocate for decoration as a medium of power, finding it necessary to articulate my experience as a woman.

My work is optimistic and comes from a place of hopeful power. I stitch, and construct to share the stories of my foremothers and myself. Working between ceramics and fiber I generate objects that are almost suited for the domestic space: a pillow that doesn’t provide comfort, a quilt that provides no warmth. Through a personal and political lens, I participate in a dialogue with art, craft, and feminism.

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