I employ repetitive pattern in search of fullness and satisfaction. I borrow and digest floral prints from domestic space, textiles and wallpaper, to develop my own marks to engage with issues around gender. I challenge the possibilities of decoration in the gallery, finding it necessary to articulate my experience as a woman. Rethinking the hierarchy of form and ornament, I am assertive with floral motifs, demanding that surface and pattern drive my work.

Clay’s memory follows my hands and tools throughout the process, accruing echoes of engagements with the object. I describe the surface of a form by brushing color across planes, nudging drips to submit to gravity, and allowing chemistry to take hold during kiln firing. Through brushstrokes, gestures, and repetition I meld the decorative with the language of painting. Every layer applied allows me to redefine, reinforce, or deceive the form, thereby changing how the object is understood. 

Curtains, 2017, wood, vinyl, fabric, terracotta, glaze, thread. 48” x 34” x10”, variable

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