Solo Exhibition at
Main Street Arts
Clifton Springs, NY
June 2019
Power is an exhibition featuring new work by Britny Wainwright, examining the artist’s relationship to feminism and ideas of power. Wainwright explores the nervousness of both confidence, and doubt. The universal feeling of having something to say, being unsure, and going ahead anyway. Power is a feminist quandary.  
Wainwright claims the gallery as hers, and doesn’t shy away from bold color or scale. Coral flower-shaped pillows drip from the wall in a piece inspired by the gallery’s architecture, a magenta flag is planted in the middle of the space. Power dares the viewer to take these things seriously.
Working between ceramic and fiber Wainwright’s objects are almost appropriate for domestic space: a pillow sags under the weight of ceramic flowers, a cushion functions like a painting on the wall. She grasps onto some familiarity found in these objects and materials, but places them in the gallery, creating disillusionment. Power examines that nervous breath before saying something important.


︎ britnywainwright@gmail(dot)com                                                                                          ︎ @britny_wainwright